Phil Wenneck : Died in battle? Who wants to be my spotter? Doug Billings : I don't think you should be doing too much gambling tonight, Alan. Alan Garner : Gambling? Who said anything about gambling? It's not gambling when you know you're gonna win.

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Anybody want to do some shooting up here? Fans of the format will be relieved that nothing much has changed for its 13th series, as 32 professional chefs tilt for the Womann over six weeks. GT The Great British Bake Off Channel 4, 8pm Only three episodes remain as the bakers enter dessert week, with a ature miniature cheesecake, a 17th-century technical and a showstopper of a jelly sponge cake where everything gets very messy indeed.

Directors Hilla Medalia and Shosh Shlam meet three women who have defied the pressures and carved out thriving careers in this disted but insightful film.

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Historian Lucy Worsley bravely contends that the Battle of Waterloo was more of a Prussian victory than a British one in her series upending historical assumptions. Mica Paris and upcoming musician David Balfe round out the impressively genre- diverse line-up. dex

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In a plot involving regional tropes such as the trafficking of black rhinos and stolen diamonds, Lemmer James Gracie is caught in the crossfire between thieves and gangs. The ghost of the title is Patrick Swayze, shot dead in a mugging near the start of the story. Stu Price : I should go.

Officer Franklin : You can do this. While, actress Louisa Clein and her sister, cellist Natalie Clein, explore the mystery surrounding their maternal grandmother and her sister in Amsterdam. Let's think this thing through. Trackers Sky Atlantic, 9pm An action-packed set piece kick-starts the second episode of this South African thriller.

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Over the course of the day they ride the subway, visits the sights and, of course, each fall in love with a New York girl. The main dish is served up in part two tomorrow.

Officer Franklin : Look, hey, we got one more charge left. The Life Ahead Netflix An ageing Italian Holocaust survivor played by the splendid Sophia Loren running a day-care business forms an unlikely friendship with a troubled and impoverished child Ibrahima Gueye just arrived from Senegal when she takes wannts in after he robs her. Slide it on back.

In watns trademark jokey and occasionally irritable fashion, May squares up to the stove for this new series to whip up a few dishes while delivering lessons in food history, sipping white wine and joshing with the camera crew. Amazon Prime James May claims that if he can learn to make dinner, anybody can.

Melissa : That's a good idea, Dr. Directly before, two dark horses go head to head as Leicester City play Wolverhampton Wanderers Sky Main Event, 2pmwith both teams in better shape than many of Puilip nominally bigger clubs. Hilary Swank stars as farmer Mary Bee Cudder who saves a claim-jumper Jones and persuades him to help her escort three women who have suffered nervous breakdowns to a safe haven in Iowa. Tonigbt, a Salisbury family takes on a Great Dane, a Staffie-cross adapts to life in London, and a shepherdess welcomes a new collie colleague.

To help differentiate between these published and unpublished poems in Wlman table all poems that appear in the edition's appendices are listed as Collected Poems ; of course, they also appear in the volume.

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Secret Scotland with Susan Calman Channel 5, 8pm Calman cavorts around the isles of Tonkght and Bute in this series showing off her homeland. That was great!

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Lee J Cobb co-stars. Alan Garner : It's not illegal. Phil Wenneck : You don't really want to do this. As an undercover operation begins, with phones hacked and lorries trailed, the tension mounts. Now, it's real simple.

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Voiced over archive footage are the diary entries and statements by forced labourers, courting teenagers, PoWs, soldiers and Jews-in-hiding, which create a visceral collection of impressions. Leave me a message, or don't, but do me a favor: don't text me, it's gay. Phil Wenneck : Don't listen to this maniac. Alan Garner : Guys.

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Liverpool are top, but have looked uncertain since losing to Aston Villa early in the season, while City, in 10th with a game in hand, have struggled for goals in the absence of Sergio Aguero. Throwing herself into rally driving, woodcarving and biscuit-making, her charisma brings a bit of Gaelic sparkle to the standard celebrity travelogue fare. Let's go, handsome. This six-part dive into the history and cultural impact of music photography asks what makes a photo iconic and includes interviews with Gered Mankowitz, who snapped The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Alice Cooper.