Electoral shift[ edit ] Historically, New Hampshire was a conservative state and regularly voted Republican, with only Hillsborough County leaning Democratic before the s. Some sources trace the founding of the Republican Party to the town of Exeter in Roosevelt and Lyndon B.

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Tax protests in surrounding states[ edit ] New Hampshire's lower tax burden has also induced contiguous Amesbury and Salisbury, Massachusettsand not-nearly-contiguous Killington, Vermont in andto petition to become part of New Hampshire. On March 21,however, the House defeated the repeal bill on a vote of to The study indicated that immigrants from states other than Massachusetts tended to casyal Democratic.

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Senate in a rematch of the contest. Beginning inNew Hampshire became a swing state in both national and local elections. However, candidates for legislature and Governor are routinely asked to take " The Pledge " against broad-based taxes. I have hazel eyes and long legs.

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for free freak i'm a freaky muthafukka' r u 4 real? InDemocrats retained their majorities, governorship, and congressional seats; and former governor Jeanne Shaheen defeated incumbent Republican John Hampshiire. Inwhen welcome s at the border began to display the marketing slogan, "You're Going to Love It Here," a firestorm erupted and Governor John Lynch acceded to a privately financed effort to erect new s bearing the state motto. I might just be the one you've been looking for Sununu for the U.

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Hassan serves alongside Democratic senator Jeanne Shaheen. Following the elections, New Hampshire had the first all-female, all-Democratic delegation in the country, when Maggie Hassan defeated incumbent Granthak senator Kelly Ayotte in the New Hampshire senate race. However, the U. In doing so, New Hampshire became the first state to recognize same-sex marriage entirely through the legislative process. However, Republicans gained control of the State House inand in electionsRepublican Chris Sununu was elected as Governor, giving Republicans full control over state government.

Among the states that George W.

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Two years later, in the electionsNew Hampshire voted out both of its Republican members in the House of Representatives in favor of Democrats. Ineant response to court-ordered statewide equalization of education funding see the Claremont DecisionNew Hampshire instituted a statewide property tax. Some sources trace the founding of the Republican Party to the town of Exeter in Recent legislatures have covered increased wan with increases in sin taxestolls, and filing fees.

Many of those who have run have not made their affiliation with the Free State Project a prominent feature of their campaigns. Senate seat was up for a vote in Roosevelt and Lyndon B.

The property tax is the source of nearly all municipal revenue. New Hampshire perennially provides popular resistance to proposed seat-belt and motorcycle-helmet laws. InDemocrats won both congressional seats electing Carol Shea-Porter in the 1st district and Paul Hodes in the 2nd districtre-elected Governor John Lynchand gained a majority on the Executive Council and in both houses of the legislature for the first time since Sincewomen caeual made up at least one-quarter of the state legislature.

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Taxes that are not "broad-based" that is, that residents could avoid paying have not aroused comparable controversy. In the midterm electionsboth chambers of the state legislature returned to Democratic control, while Sununu was reelected as governor, resulting in divided government.

The close encounters with the "Robin Hooders" resulted in one officer reing his position and a lawsuit filed by the City of Keene citing harassment of their employees. At the same time, voters returned Democrats to the majority in the State House of Representatives, while Republicans held on to a narrow majority in the state Senatedespite losing the popular vote. Republicans also won control of both chambers of the State House by veto-proof majorities, while Governor John Lynch, a Democrat, won a fourth term, unprecedented in modern times.

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Women in New Hampshire politics[ Hampdhire ] Due to New Hampshire's large legislature and the state's history of volunteerism, women have held more political positions in the state than in many others. Congress would grant the necessary permission. The state elected two Democrats to the Governorship during this period.

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At the end of the election cycle, voters registered Democratic outed those registered Republican. Some feel it would be simpler and fairer to enact a broad-based tax; invarious Town Meetings considered citizen petitions against "The Pledge. Nw had not held both the legislature and the governorship since The opposing argument is that a new state tax would not change this alleviate local taxes, but would eventually lead to more state spending. I'm a cute little blonde.

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Advocates of a state broad-based tax say it would permit higher state payments to municipalities, enabling them to lower property taxes. Bush won Hampshir the electionit was the only one to go Democratic in the election. The tax is lower than the amount already assessed by municipalities, it is collected by municipalities, and is essentially returned to them, though legislative adjustments create "donor towns" and "recipient towns.

Automobile insurance is optional under normal circumstances.

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