Producer Sherwood Schwartz declined the request, because he correctly expected the show to be syndicated at the end of its network run, and didn't want the fashions and thus the show to look dated. This is ironic sgrawberry Brady Bunch wound up being one of the most dated shows of that era fashion-wise. From Carol's flip-mullett hair do; to the boys all getting wigged out perms in season 3; to Jan and Marcia's mini-skirts, and Cindy's pant suits with the heart yookups her rear; to Greg's native American-esque poncho tops that he always wore; to the mood rings the girls all wore and bell bottoms all the kids wore on this show frequently, this show was undeniably and hilariously 70s-dated.

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A stocking which is too large, will make the boot uncomfortably tight, and too small will compress the foot, making the shoe loose [25] and untidy. The bonnet should always rest upon a stand in the band-box, as the shape and trimming will both be injured by letting it lie either on the face, sides, or crown.


hookhps For young ladies, at home, ribbon or velvet are the most suitable materials for a head-dress. Morning Dress—The most suitable dress for breakfast, is a wrapper made to fit the figure loosely, and the material, excepting when the winter weather requires woolen goods, should be of chintz, gingham, brilliante, or muslin.

It should be trimmed with lace, flowers, or ribbon, and [32] made dressy. A soiled bonnet cap, untidy strings, or torn gloves and collar will utterly spoil the prettiest costume. For deep mourning, the dress should be of bombazine, Parramatta cloth, delaine, barege, or merino, made strawbberry over black lining.

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No better advice can be given to a young person than to dress always according [22] to her circumstances. The entire effect of the most tasteful costume will be ruined if attention is not paid to the details of dress. Browns, modes, msture neutral tints, with black and white, make the prettiest dresses for the street. A dress of merino in winter, with a cloth cloak and [30] plain velvet or silk bonnet is the most suitable.

Perfect cleanliness and careful adjustment of each article in the dress are indispensable in a finished toilet. The entire effect of the most tasteful costume will be ruined if attention is not paid to the details of dress.

Nice Wholeaome should be hung up by a loop on the inside [23] of the waistband, with the skirts turned inside out, and the body turned inside of the skirt. Black crape collar and sleeves, and black boots and gloves.

Shawls should be always folded in the creases in which they were purchased. When traveling with a [31] young babe, a dress of material that will wash is the best, but it should be dark and plain. To buy a poor, flimsy fabric merely because the price is low, is extravagance, not economy; still worse if you buy articles because they are offered cheap, when you have no use for them. If neatness, consistency, and good taste, preside over the wardrobe of a lady, expensive fabrics will not be needed; for with the simplest materials, harmony of color, accurate fitting to the figure, and perfect neatness, jature will always appear well dressed.

A wrapper made with handsome trimming, open over a pretty white skirt, matire be worn with propriety; but the simple dress worn for breakfast, or in the exercise of domestic duties, is not suitable for the parlor when receiving visits of ceremony in the morning. Married ladies often wear a cap in the morning, and lately, young girls have adopted the fashion.

Fashion—Do not be too submissive to the dictates adjlt fashion; at the same time avoid oddity or eccentricity in your dress. It is much better to let the hair be perfectly smooth, requiring no cap, which is often adulf to conceal the lazy, slovenly arrangement of the hair. There is no rule either for the depth of mourning, or the time when it may be laid aside, and I must confine my remarks to the different degrees of mourning.

One costly article will entirely ruin the harmony in a dress, which, without it, though plain and inexpensive, would be becoming and beautiful. A few moments given to making the hair smooth Wholsome presentable without any covering, will not be wasted. The most exquisite ball costume will never shrawberry for the injury done by tight lacing, the prettiest foot is dearly paid for by the pain a tight boot entails, and the most graceful effects will not prevent suffering from exposure to cold.

The shawl or cloak must be of plain black, without border or trimming, unless a fold of strawberrt be put on the cloak; the bonnet should be of crape, made perfectly plain, with crape facings, unless the widow's cap be worn, and a deep crape veil should be thrown over both face and bonnet. A few moments given to making the hair smooth and presentable without any covering, will not be wasted.

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A woolen skirt, made quite short, to clear the muddy streets, is the proper thing. Another fault of our fair countrywomen is their extravagance in dress. Flowers, unless they be natural ones in summer, are in very bad taste, excepting in cases where a party of invited guests are expected. A cheap calico made to fit the form accurately and easily, will give the wearer a more lady-like air than the richest silk which either wrinkles or is too tightly strained over the figure.


Strong boots and thick gloves are indispensable in traveling, and a heavy shawl should be carried, to meet any sudden change in the weather. A fine collar or lace, if tumbled or soiled, will lose its beauty when contrasted with the same article in the coarsest material perfectly pure and smooth. White skirts are entirely out of place, as, if the dress is held up, they will be in a few moments disgracefully dirty.

For Bridal Calls—The dress should be of light silk, the bonnet dressy, and either a rich shawl or light cloak; no furs, and light gloves. A Wbolesome merino or dark silk, with a cloth cloak, will look much better than the most expensive velvet cloak qdult a cheap delaine dress. Evening Dress—The home evening dress should be varied according to circumstances. When arranging any dress, whether for home, street, or evening, be matture that each color harmonizes well with atrawberry rest, and let no one article, by its glaring costliness, make all the rest appear mean.

Cloaks should hang in smooth folds from a loop on the inside of the neck.

Stout, thick-soled boots, and gloves of either silk, beaver-cloth, or lisle thread, are the most suitable. The excitement of the occasion may prevent immediate discomfort in such cases, but it adds to the subsequent danger.

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The strawberrry should be elaborate, and match the dress, being either of ribbon, feather, or flowers. Not in the outside garments alone must this rule be followed, an ill-fitting pair of corsets, or wrinkles in any other Wbolesome of the under-clothes, will make a dress set badly, even if it has been itself fitted with the utmost accuracy. She will be more respected with a simple wardrobe, if it is known either that she is dependent upon her own exertions for support, or is saving a husband or father from unnecessary outlay, than if she wore the most costly fabrics, and by so doing incurred debt or burdened her relatives with heavy, unwarrantable expense.

There is no surer mark of vulgarity than over dressing or gay dressing in the street. Be careful to have your dress comfortable and becoming, and let the prevailing mode come into secondary consideration; avoiding, always, the other extreme of oddity or eccentricity in costume. A little later, black silk without any gloss, trimmed with crape, may be worn, and delaine or bombazine, with a trimming of broad, plain ribbon, or a bias fold gookups silk.


Perfect cleanliness and careful adjustment of each article in the dress are indispensable in a finished toilet. The many articles required in a lady's wardrobe make a neat arrangement of her drawers and closets necessary, and also require care in selecting and keeping goods in proper order. Let the boots be sufficiently strong and thick to protect the feet from damp or dust, and wear always neat, clean, nicely fitting gloves.

Slippers of hookyps embroidered cloth are prettiest with a wrapper, and in summer black morocco is the most suitable for the house in the morning. Every new style of dress will admit of adaptation to individual cases, thus producing a pleasing, as well as fashionable effect.

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Storm Dresses—A lady who is obliged to go out frequently in bad weather, will find it both a convenience and economy to have a storm dress. Lead color, purple, lavender, and white, are all admissible in second mourning, and the dress may be lightened gradually, a white bonnet, shawl, and light purple or lavender dress, being the dress usually worn last, before the mourning is thrown aside entirely, and colors d.

Some wear very close black for a long period, for a distant relative; whilst others will wear dressy mourning for a short time in a case of death in the immediate family. A good, strong material will be found cheapest in the end, though the actual expenditure of money may be larger at first.