Photo by Emil Varney. However, a much better collection of photos at flickr biy here. This history was provided by the station. Colonel J. Long, a man of rare foresight and courage.

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At the time, there were about two dozen television stations operating in larger metropolitan centers across the country. By September of '52, the Cincinnati relay system was abandoned and the Columbus system put into use, with relay points in South Portsmouth, Kentucky, Chillicothe and Columbus, Ohio, thus allowing the broadcast bly live network programs with fewer interruptions.

Retuning of sound and picture transmitters, re-neutralizing of driver stages, re-broadbanding of picture P. Despite these prevailing circumstances, heavy objections from some concerning this uncertain new counrty, and a lack of available trained personnel, Colonel Long, a man in his 80's wanted to take the risk.

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Many are natives of this immediate area. Even when changes occurred, they might well have escaped notice had they not been announced in newscasts, because the same attitude toward community service and community involvement has dictated the policies of this station regardless of the corporate name of the e.

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Few artists in any musical genre have given more of themselves so consistently. WSAZ began the decade of the 70's with new modern facilities. Strange looking as it was to people in the area, this was the beginning of the Tri-State's new communications medium. Due to the flexibility of the TTAL Conversion Equipment, we countrh that it could be easily located in front of our TT-5A Transmitter and at the ends, rather than the usual arrangement which will be used by most broadcasters with larger transmitter rooms.

This same year, Nick Basso ed the staff, with responsibility to create a news gathering team for the area's television pioneer. Brownie Benson and Twilight Time. Only are operating to date.

Single country boy in Huntington West Virginia

Flatt and Scruggs used to have a 15 minute show on Saturday too. Cyrus took it as a that he should try his fortunes elsewhere and thus headed west. General management, sales, publicity, production and programming offices will be located on the second floor Fig. Maida Smith.

Single country boy in Huntington West Virginia

This was just another investment in the Huntongton that strengthened the earlier pioneering effort as the only station in the region operating with live newscasts originating from studios in two cities. The amplifiers are housed in cylindrical cabinets which provide accessibility to all tubes as well as their circuit components.

Single country boy in Huntington West Virginia

Long, a man of rare foresight and courage. About this time, WSAZ personnel determined that the network picture quality from the Cincinnati relay system needed some improving and construction on a new microwave relay system from Columbus was started.

Single country boy in Huntington West Virginia

Each amplifier consists of a single power stage utilizing a cluster of seven air-cooled triodes in a grounded-grid circuit. Because his early hits were so catchy, he became an instant favorite with children in particular. It was in the late summer of that WSAZ put the "World's most powerful transmitter" on the air, and the station changed from channel 5 to channel 3.

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The band soon took up residence in an Ironton, Ohio, bar called Changes. Colonel J. He was succeeded by Huntingtoon well known farm figure, John Heiskell who passed away in the 60's. Note: The above article states that Bob Horan was the first Charleston news director, in He also was a news anchor for the station. Just to the rear of the video console will be located a client's observation lounge which will provide visibility into the main Television Studio, Hutington.

Single country boy in Huntington West Virginia

It was a period of great growth. Installing the Conversion Equipment During the installation of the new power amplifier, the chief problem we faced was that of making a rapid changeover with no loss in air time. As a supplement to the Television film projection room, a separate film editing room is planned. They didn't tape things in those days, so Siingle was done live.

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The hit song was named single of the year by the Country Music Association in This ends 36 years of network interconnection by microwaves and coaxial cable, providing the viewer with a more reliable, versatile and superior quality picture. George had been general manager sinceretiring in Changeover required that the following operations be performed overnight without loss of scheduled program service for the following day.

His devotion to the public is legendary, even by country music standards; and the amount of charity work he does has been staggering. Air test and frequency checks of both carriers. A two-year stint in Los Angeles resulted in a dead-end job selling cars instead of stardom.

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Neil Boggs ed the Charleston news staff in July of Our new equipment employs air-cooled tubes and transformers, metering for all amplifier tubes and high speed a-c and d-c overload protection. Reports were received over a wide area indicating increased al strength and the elimination of "snow" from the pictures in the fringe areas. She also continued singing professionally with a big band, and doing radio and television work with other well-known personalities, here in Michigan.