The former tannery at Little Dublin, at the time of this photo, had been converted to a factory that produced overalls. The French and the Indians, seravnt and fur-traders, redcoats and river forts all made that vast wilderness north of Saratoga County a magnificent backdrop for The Last of the Mohicans.

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Indeed, he became an adopted Mohawk warchief before he held a commission from the Crown. Thank you Robert Moss. But you got used to it. As this book goes to press, many of the historic resources, including battlefields, forts, homes, and buildings that are mentioned in this drama, are threatened by local, State, and Federal budgetary stringency.

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The Iroquois say that a tree without roots cannot stand. Though he became the King's Superintendent of Indians, he was as much the Iroquois agent to the colonists as the King's agent among the Indians. Lastly, with cooperation again in the valley, we can dream about all the possibilities that we can achieve. These bubbles would happen when the men would take an extra breath. He championed the Iroquois against land-robbers and racist officials, like the British general who advocated killing off the Indians en masse during Pontiac's revolt by spreading smallpox among them with the aid of infected hospital blankets.

How do we rescue the hidden stories of the non-elites? The Iroquois were soon caught up in savage warfare with neighboring tribes over the control of the fast-diminishing supplies of beaver and other furs. Truly a man of two worlds, by the conclusion of the French and Indian wars, Johnson secured on his own terms, a moment of peace in the valley. The women insisted on the ancient teaching that a chief must consider the consequences of his actions down to the seventh generation after himself.

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Built inthe tannery closed inwhen new chemical tanning agents made proximity to hemlock forests unnecessary. In that pre-zoning, pre-industrial-park era, the mill was right in the neighborhood; the women could go home for lunch and check up on their children. Amongst white Europeans, the 18th century was pretty much a man's century. But we think they choose to think well of it.

She is a historical figure--a Palatine refugee Gekrge came to the colonies as an indentured servant and became Johnson's life partner though never his wife and the mother of his white children.

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How GGeorge did that is a story in itself. Homick says the Irish cut lumber and stoked the furnaces, tended the swale grass that grew in the swampy areas and was Ofal for cushioning the bottles in shipping, loaded wagons at the bottom of the mountain with sand to melt into glass, and packed the same wagons with finished bottles for the trip down the mountain into Saratoga.

Today Green Mansions is a private condominum complex, its playhouse and restaurant converted to apartments. The people of the valleys salute you and your work and wish you that greatest success. He encouraged Iroquois women to go into business as traders.

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The newcomers brought firearms and metal tools; it became vital to have these. Gabriele also researched Green Mansions, a lakeside resort that once catered to a mostly Jewish clientele of affluent, educated, liberal-thinking New York City residents. Johnson is fighting to win the favor of the Mohawk leaders, particularly the ruling clanmothers. Johnson promoted Indian school and inoculation against the smallpox virus, once the method first observed in Africa became known in the colonies.

There is a vignette from Robert Moss's book that helps us understand Johnson and his special srvant among the pioneers and the Indians.

Oral servant Lake George

Author Robert Moss is also a man of two worlds. The tannery site now houses a log-cabin-building company, and the Silver Star diner stands where Little Dublin Gerge to be.

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A Mohawk myth recalls how a woman led the people's long migration across the north of the continent to an area near modern Quebec City and finally down into the Mohawk Valley. In all things as a good and faithful servant [he] shall and servanf demean himself toward his said masters during the said term.

Renowned for their oratory and statecraft, feared by their enemies as ruthless and courageous fighters, the Iroquois commanded two vital river-ro through the forests that were all-important in early trade and warfare: the Hudson-Champlain route between New York and Canada, and the Mohawk River-Oswego route that led from the English colonies towards the Great Lakes and the North American heartland.

A prominent military achievement in his career was his building of an alliance among poor farmers and Iroquois that, against all odds, defeated the professional French armies at the Battle of Lake George and helped the English win control of North America in the French and Indian War It was ungodly.

Fornication he shall not commit. He as born in Ireland and came with few resources to America where he managed his uncle's estates on the New York frontier.

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Should they side with the British or the French, or stand neutral, in the conflict between world empires that was now being played out on American soil? The traders wanted furs--and increasingly, land--in return for guns and goods and liquor. These Irish worked from sun to sun and the prevailing wage was 75 cents a day. He introduced new crops and methods of agriculture. But since hidden history is, well, hidden, none of these finds came easy.

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In many ways, it was on this first frontier, already years old by the end of the French and Indian Wars, that a distinctively American identity was born--diverse, self- reliant, impatient with the Old World conceptions of inherited rank and station. I tried to make the book as multi-demensional as its players.

The first wave of mass immigration from Europe came from Europe to New York inwith the arrival of 3, Palatine Germans. The warrior Iroquois were also a matriarchal society.

Oral servant Lake George

In our own Mohawk Valley, a nonprofit organization is being developed, the Northern Frontier Project, by visionaries who have found in the sacrifices of our ancestral past a pathway for a better future. He's Laoe just chronicling history, he's bringing it to life La,e remarkable stories about an underreported part of America, and helping people to understand events, victories, and tragedies that are essential to understanding who we are and what cooperation among cultures it took to get us here.

It is necessary to inspire citizens to action and form partnerships to help protect valuable sites that serve to instruct our citizens about the Nation's past.