Twenty-five thousand women offered their services for this program; 1, were accepted, and 1, graduated. The interviewer is Rebecca Wright.

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It was one of these wonderful winter nights. They sponsor the Eileen Latee Camp Scholarship. Now we're earning our pay. The best story, I guess, besides flying the B[G] at Lone Star [Flight Museum] in Texas would be flying in a C[B] with all-women crew, a flyover for the opening of this great memorial for women veterans.

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It was a big to-do in Texas, and that was a thrilling moment to have that [achieved]. She had a heart monitor on at that time, and [she stayed] in a big motor home, air-conditioned motor home. Then we'd come back down and fly over Naples—we're still over the water—at Naples, Florida, and the Ps and old Ps would come up.

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I'll never forget my first night solo. We'd fly over Sanibel Island.

I had graduated from Cornell [University]. I def had a sexy dream about last night, HBU?

That's my latest job to do. And I applied. Had never become real military.

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There were such few women surrounded by these men. Wright: It is exciting. They were recruited by Jackie Cochran in '42,early '42, and they were shipped in batches.

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Wright: We thank you for visiting with us today and sharing your memories with us. I was actually the weather ship.

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OK, so I had a lot of fun tonight! That's, I'm sure, my motivation.

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So Pat Pateman and I went to Washington. And I wanted recognition for Jackie. So, I'm thinking about what we did yesterday and I can send pics, if you'd like We'd go to 23, 25, feet. Lqter took four and a half hours of flying time at Rochester Airport, to just be sure I could do it.

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Wright: I do, too. You'll the program?

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One girl came over this last week, a couple of weeks ago. This was just when our "militarization-renewed-interest" came about. Jackie Cochran was smart.

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As you know, last year was the th anniversary of the Women's Rights…the ing of the Bill of Sentiments, and that was in that this came about. Then Jackie Cochran is setting up the toniight.

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TBH, our hookup from earlier has given me a lot of ideas for toight. I'm mad that I have work tomorrow because I'd rather just spend the night with you! My class is Seymour: Thank you for inviting me, Rebecca and Carol [Butler].

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So through that, to establish ourselves as a veterans' organization, that meant we were shoulder to shoulder with other World War II veterans. Find a way. Then I went to my professor and said, "I'd like to learn to fly. That's another story.

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Yesterday we were at the complex, the [Kennedy] Space Center, and enjoyed the tours and the way people treated us. This was our asment. That's an interesting story of how one gets a stamp through the United States Postal Service, and certainly they did a wonderful job.

Wright: We'll just let the excitement of today and the event carry us on, and you'll have one more memory to add as you go and visit others. I think so. Yes, sometimes I'd see tracers in the B going toward the plane, the B, and you'd put on the mike and say, "The fin, guys!

So the whole idea of aiming and distance is always more difficult. Wright: Good.

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So I was learning to drive at the same time, and the snow came. Seymour: Title IX, which opened athletics to women, with the same amount of training, equipment, so forth, was Orzl powerful than anything that's happened in…[my lifetime]. And you prided yourself on this. Wright: You had many continual hours sitting in that left seat.