What is a vote of no confidence? It would usually take weeks for legislation to pass through both Houses of Parliament. But the proposers of the new bill expect to be able to pass all stages and have it ed off by the Queen by Monday, before parliament is shut down or prorogued. Tory rebels have been warned they face expulsion from the party and deselection if they support the cross-party legislation. But a have said they will do so, or are not standing at the next election anyway. One hurdle could come in the House of Lords.

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All of Europe can do it. On Sunday, on "Meet the Press," Vice President Biden accused Senator Sanders' supporters of bullying tonigut leaders here with, quote, "vicious, malicious, misogynistic things.

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It's two paragraphs. And on issue after issue after issue, this is what Senator Sanders is saying.

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Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. I'm talking about Mayor Bloomberg. SANDERS: So maybe it is finally time that we said as a nation, enough is enough, the function of a rational health care system is not to make the pharmaceutical industry and the drug companies rich.

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All of us rememberand what we remember is efforts by Russians and others to try to interfere in our election and divide us up. When I got into office, there were murders a year in New York City. But in terms of who is best prepared to beat Donald Trump, look at your poll and what it says. This is about what it was ket to do to begin with. Now that the stage is narrowed to six candidates, we encourage each of you to directly engage with each other on the issues. And Amy's plan is even less. See how you're doing compared to me.

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I've sat, I've apologized, I've asked for forgiveness, but the bottom line is that we stopped too many people, but the policy -- we stopped too many people. That is why I am in this race, and that is how I will beat Donald Trump. But I think you've got to come forward with your tax returns. And a lot of folks on this stage are now saying that's enough.

Vice President and Senator Warren. I thought that he shouldn't be hiding behind his TVand so I was all ready for this big day. N not saying that's happening, but it would not shock me. And if we took off everybody that was wrong off this panel, everybody that was wrong on criminal justice at some time in their careers, there'd be nobody else up here.

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Estrada, one of tknight neighbors. For a hundred years, from Teddy Roosevelt to Barack Obama, this country has been talking about the need to guarantee health care for all people. Three human beings right here in Nevada who are struggling. two, Trump decided to get rid of it. Hey, follow me around the campaign trail, three, four, five events today.

This is the course of action ministers say they prefer. And I would argue that I am the candidate that can do exactly both of those things. Vice President, go ahead, and then Senator Warren. It cost a lot of money.

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And if he goes and is the candidate, we will have Donald Trump for another four years. Let's put forward somebody who's actually a Democrat.

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It's the policy. It is a ificant thing.

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Hallie Jackson? We need a candidate with unshakable values and a candidate who can actually get something done for working people.

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And why is Medicare for all not on the wheel? I will never a bill that will reduce the health care benefits they have.

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Look it up, check it out. Secondly, when it comes to tax returns, everyone up here has released their tax returns, Mayor.

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But his sister and his daughter also have diabetes, no way to pay for their insulin. HOLT: All right.

The mayor has to stand on his record. So my plan is a public option.

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And at the very time, the mayor argued against that. What is prorogation?

And we can't stand that. Big picture, why should black and Latino voters trust your judgment now if it appears you may have gotten it wrong then? You want to see them all across Nevada and all across this cbat. And anybody that does anything wrong in our company, we investigate it, and if it's appropriate, they're gone that day.

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Now, the Minneapolis chapter of the NAACP has recently called for you to suspend your campaign over that case because some new evidence has come out since. But the proposers of the new bill expect to be able to pass all stages and have it ed off by the Queen by Monday, before parliament is shut down or prorogued. And I think at that time I wrote an article praising Obamacare. And you'll see that it is a plan that solves the problem, makes sure there is no such thing as an uninsured American, and does it without kicking anybody off the plan that they have.