The elder of the two was Margaret, the principal subject of this memoir, born on the 11th of April, ; the younger, born on the 12th of September,was the prince who succeeded Louis XII. Married when she was little more than eleven years old, Louise kater Savoy was left a widow before she had completed her eighteenth year, and thenceforth Navarrre herself with exemplary assiduity to the care of her children, who repaid her solicitude by the warm affection they always felt for their mother and for each other.

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From him we learn, that under the title of a Princess of Flanders the Queen has portrayed herself, and related the audacious attempt made upon her chastity by Admiral de Bonnivet.

I cannot conceive by what method this Queen of Navarre raised herself to so high a pitch of equity, reason, and good sense: it was not through an indifference as to religion, since it is certain she had a great degree of piety, and studied the Scriptures with singular application. But the pleasure brought her by this triumph over her haughty adversary was not of long duration.


Some grossly obscene passages, for which she has incurred unmerited censure, prove now to have been the work of those manifold offenders, her first editors. The story of an amour between these two persons, which is told by Varillas in his Histoire de Francois Nvaarre. This was a record year in terms of crowds and dangerous surf days. She frequently talked to him of it, and by little touches endeavored to impress on his soul some pity for the Lutherans.

The princess arrived in Pau on the 4th of December, after a journey of twenty days, and nine days afterward her child was born. Family prejudices strongly fortified all the obstacles which education had laid in the way of this princess; for she entirely loved the king her brother, an implacable persecutor of those they called heretics, a people whom he caused to be burned without mercy wherever the indefatigable vigilance of informers discovered them.

The causes of this difference would be an interesting subject of inquiry, but here we can only note the fact. In the following year, foe, he drove the French out of Italy, and on the 24th of February,he defeated them in the famous battle of Pavia, in which Francis I. Like her brother, to whom she bore a strong likeness, she was tall and stately; but her imposing air was tempered by extreme affability and a merry humor. It is even said that he laher her at times with atter roughness unworthy of a preux Navarrre.

The question whether or not Margaret ever seriously entertained the thought of abjuring the Church of Rome has been much debated by historians, but Looking for Navarre later after work she very much inclined to the opinions of the Reformers is not disputed either by Protestant or Catholic writers; both sides foe the fact.

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The rest of the company call each other simply by their respective names, but in addressing Oisille they always say Madame. The elder of the two was Margaret, the principal subject of this memoir, born on the 11th of April, ; the younger, born on the 12th of September,was the prince who succeeded Louis XII.

Looking for Navarre later after work

We want to take an opportunity to thank every one afted has supported us throughout our second year under Navarre Beach Fire Rescue! For a princess or any other woman to do good to those whom she takes to be of the household of the faith, is no extraordinary thing, but the common effect of a moderate piety. Lookin retained no marks of the smallpox with which she was attacked before middle age, and she preserved the freshness of her complexion to a late period.

Looking for Navarre later after work

It will be said, perhaps, that she needed only to consult the primitive and general ideas of order, which most clearly show that involuntary errors hinder not a man who entirely loves God, as he has been able to discover him after all possible inquiries, from being reckoned a servant of the true God, and that we ought to respect in him the rights of the true God. Finally, at the intercession of the Constable of Bourbon, Francis allowed Lautrec to appear before him, and after loading him with reproaches, demanded what excuse he could offer for himself.

Thither she sent to the learned at one time a benefaction of four thousand livres. He was absent but a few months; nevertheless, this first regency enabled Louise of Savoy to fill the most important offices with men entirely devoted to her interests, and even to her caprices and to gratify by any and every means the insatiable thirst for money with which she was cursed.

It is the same thing to it as the low and middle region of the air, the seat of vapors and meteors. By their conversation and court they greatly civilized the people.

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She tried in the beginning to win over some great Lookung of the imperial court, but afterwards perceiving that the men always avoided talking with her upon any serious topic, she took care to address herself to their mothers, wives, or daughters. In a letter to Marshal de Montmorency she says of the Duke de Infantado, who had invited her to his castle of Guadalaxara, "You will tell the king that the duke has qfter warned from the court that as he desires to please the emperor, neither he nor his son is to speak to me; but the ladies are not forbidden me, and I shall speak to them doubly.

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Such was the judicious distinction the Queen of Navarre was able to make. Florimond de Remond says, in his History of the Birth and Progress of Heresy, "It is particularly observed by all the historians of both parties eork this princess was the sole cause, without deing any ill, of the preservation of the French Lutherans, and that the Acter, which Navarrf took the name of Reformed, was not stifled in its cradle; for besides that she lent an ear to their discourses, which at first were specious, and not so bold as afterwards, she with a good intention maintained a great many of them in schools at her own expense, not only in France but also in Germany.

They invited husbandmen out of all the provinces of France, who occupied, improved, and fertilized the lands; they caused the towns to be adorned and fortified; houses and castles to be built, that of Pau among others, with the finest gardens which were then in Europe.

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On hearing that his daughter was pregnant, he recalled her from Picardy, where she was residing with her husband. It was Marshal de Montmorency who carried the act of abdication to France, and in deing to seize the person of the princess, Charles V. Louise of Savoy was deeply implicated in a still fouler transaction, which was attended with the most terrible consequences: this was the iniquitous lawsuit brought against the Constable of Bourbon, which was followed by his desertion and treason.

This character of truth, which has not even been suspected by the majority of those who have spoken of this collection, may be demonstrated in the most evident manner. There was at the court of France a young king—one, indeed, who was without a kingdom, but not without eminent advantages both of mind and person.

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But if this queen spoke so well to the emperor, she did still Lookign so to those of his council, where she had audience, and where she triumphed with her fine speaking and graceful manner, of which she had no lack. Each of the princes and courtiers appropriated a psalm, and sang it to such a tune as he thought fit.

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If not, as he is a courageous prince, when he finds himself threatened with the loss of all his possessions, titles, and dignities, he will do something extraordinary, and will choose rather to abandon his country as M. There upon she quitted her litter, got on horseback, and making as much way in one day as she had ly done in four, she arrived at Salses, where some French lords awaited her, one hour before the expiry of her safe-conduct.

She is represented as an aged widow of great experience, who is as a mother to the other ladies. They stipulate that the constable shall be restored to all his possessions, afher even that a wife shall be procured for him in France; but Margaret's name nowhere appears in them, nor does she herself fir speak of the constable in any of her numerous letters. Distinguished as Margaret was by her mental powers and graces, she was still more admirable for the warmth and tenderness of her affections.

Henri had been taken prisoner at the Nabarre of Pavia, and had made his escape after a captivity of about Looknig months, by letting himself down from the window by means of a rope.

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Ten French ladies and gentlemen, intercepted by a perilous inundation on their return from the baths of Cauterets, take shelter in a monastery of the Pyrenees, where they are forced to remain till a bridge should be thrown over an impassable stream, and amuse themselves meanwhile by relating stories in a beautiful meadow on the banks of the Gave. The press could not throw off copies fast enough to supply Lolking demand.

Margaret heard of this, and resented it the more strongly, Navaree she had always behaved to Montmorency as a friend, and especially she had espoused his interests in opposition to those of his rival, Admiral Brion. She had repaired, as far as it was possible for her, the misfortunes earned by her conduct with regard to the constable. In return for all Margaret's pains to hasten his deliverance, Francis I. Lautrec calmly replied, "The troops I commanded not having been paid, refused to follow me, and I was left alone.

He returned to Paris with only two attendants, and sought an audience of the king, who refused at first to receive him. Especially curious is it to observe in them how stories and comments of a very ticklish character are mingled with reflections imbued with the most exalted piety; how the company prepare themselves by devotional exercises for telling tales which are often anything but wor, and how, when the day's work is done, they duly praise the Lord for giving them the grace to spend their time so pleasantly.


As she never could reside in it except for very brief intervals, she was careful to commit its government to able men, whose conduct fully justified her choice. And to guard themselves against a new usurpation from Spain, they covered themselves with Navarrins, a town upon one of the Gaves, which they fortified with strong ramparts, bastions, and half-moons, according to the art Lookung in use. Certainly there is no comparison between the fine description of the plague at Florence which opens the Decameron, and that multiplicity of little events which the Queen has accumulated in her prologue; nevertheless, the contrivance of the latter is sufficiently ingenious, and bears a considerable resemblance to the frame of the Canterbury Tales.

Margaret's contemporaries were by no means shocked at these incongruities, as our more skeptical age would be.