By Dan Scotti March 17, Weed simplifies life; all stoners know this. Likewise, girls who get high, in my opinion, also make the best lovers. Chicks who get high tend to be more creative.

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They are there gorl their bowls and grinders, rolling up ts and toking up blunts and giving men restored faith that women can indeed be pretty damn chill. She has an independent mind and, most importantly, thinks for herself.

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stoher As a general rule of thumb no pun intendedmost true stoners are good with their hands — and, if she can skill a cone proper, she can always post up and roll my weed. Life is about doing the things you love. Put a ring on it With that being said, when there are intense emotions invested, these same petty issues can sometimes double as the driving force behind more serious disharmony, among lovers. Throw on your brother's sweatpants, some rings on your toes, a hot beanie and you're good stkner go.

Likewise, girls who get high, in my opinion, also make the best lovers. Have opinions No woman should fall behind the shadow of a man, especially a stoner chick.

The 10 step guide: how to be a cool stoner chick

They're soulful, inquisitive and probably hilarious. Know your tools Bongs, pipes, grinders, bubblers, vapes, volcanoes, pens: you know it all. Drop some knowledge Hot stoner chicks don't just speak when spoken too, but when they have something Lookking to say. June 25, Contrary to what women sometimes believe, there are most definitely tiers of hot. She thinks for herself.

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She's got her own dealer and her own special prices to go with it. Stoner chicks don't worry about heels, makeup or anything remotely feminine because who needs makeup when you've got herb? You need a certain level of feng shui, in order to fully enjoy your cypher, and that begins and ends with your soundtrack. Have stoner friends The best way to be a stoner chick is to have a bunch of stoner friends.

Pothe have the best taste in music. People who smoke weed get judged.

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She has good taste in music. They tend to be a little rebellious, a little edgy.

Nevertheless, I stand by this one. Weed is crucial because it helps you keep things in perspective. She has her opinions and sticks to them, even when the hazy cloud sets around her and affects her judgement.

Dress like a hot dude Effortless style for effortless beauty, right? So while we think that all women are beautiful and every woman has something to offer, it's time to give some praise to the women who actually do offer something tangible: herb.

“there’s such a weird sexism that goes along with smoking, and it’s just recently being taken away.”

Be down for anything that could happen Food is better high. Well, effortless for the effortless is how the stoner chick looks at it.

Looking 4 stoner girl

And just like music, the quality of her television choices is proportional stondr her weed intake. Here are nine reasons why stoner chicks make the best girlfriends. While she might have a taste for high-end fashion, or expensive dining, you know she really only sees these types of things as bonuses — and far from needs.

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So, if you're unsure if you've hit stoner chick status yet or are thinking about crossing over, here's the 10 steps to being a truly hot stoner chick. She understands how to balance parts of life. Have stonwr own supply The of a true stoner chick is digit and a low price.

Looking 4 stoner girl

And if you find a shorty with roll-up game, make sure you hold her down. In this fashion — as grl as your weed is right, and your shorty is right — you know you will be, too. Sex is better high.

Looking 4 stoner girl

A hot stoner chick has impeccable taste in movies, literature and, as stated before, music. They are full of wise words, interesting tidbits and are always coming up with some great invention. They like to be outdoors and appreciate the spontaneity of life.