Mike Reno Who am I? I love it! I think it is too. We are definitely Canadian.

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Venue, not so much. Paul and Ken are both excellent guitarists!!

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The band played and sounded just as good as they did in the 80's! The Reagan Years warmed up and they were amazing! This venue is so intimate it's like the guys are right in front of you no matter where u are. Gave two stars for effort. It's easy to see why Loverboy dominated the 80's and has had such a long time following.

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If you want to see a good loverbot show go see Steel Panther. They played 2 encores and didnt want to leave : Love the fact how its all still the original band too. Then he just disappeared. Although he's gained quite a bit of weight, he can still rock and roll and deliver.

Has anyone seen loverboy

They sounded good but as only act they played at most 1. Loverboy was very disappointing.

Has anyone seen loverboy

I enjoyed this concert just as much as the one back then. I had a blast!

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They were one of my favorite bands and I was excited and a little unsure of what to expect. Great opportunity to see them close up! If you love 80's rock you will Hzs to catch these bands in concert. What was your drummer Matt like then? I left early.

Has anyone seen loverboy

It was a nice show in a great setting. The crowd was eating everything up, and they seemed to genuinely appreciate that.

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The keyboard player and lead guitar were at the top of their game loverbiy the lead singer, although passing up some of the higher notes, still did a great job of interacting with and including the audience. The songs sounded so much like I remembered them!! Mike Reno's voice sounds exactly the same. Matt Frenette gave it his all and played his heart out on anyon drums. Crowd definitely appreciated this awesome show!! Loverboy did not match the energy of Night Ranger and I left the show a little disappointed.

Drummer Matt Frenette: "a gentle man and Hxs gentleman. His mic was often held up by his nose or eyes Mike has such a powerful voice, but I could not hear the" Mike Reno" distinct voice come though with it being held so far away.

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They killed it! Played all the great songs and even went into loverbo doors cover! We thought maybe the venue was the reason for the distorted sound but we attended an event the very next night at the same venue and the sound was great and not distorted at all. The opening act wasn't good and the venue London Music Hall was standing only so it was a little uncomfortable.

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The band rocked! Loverboy did come out and play all their popular songs but they did so without any degree of enthusiasm. Loved this so cool!! I highly recommend getting to a Loverboy show From then on out, everyone was on their feet, dancing, singing, and having an amazing time. All around us, a good time was being had by all! They played the hits but have so many other songs they could have added instead of drum solos. anyyone

Has anyone seen loverboy

The only part of the show I didn't like was a long drum and bass guitar jam that seemed go on forever. My favorite Scandal song is The Warrior and she belted it out perfectly. I only stayed for four songs of theirs, as I didn't feel like sitting through an entire set amyone hear "Queen of the Broken Hearts" if they played it.

The guys gave a killer performance!! Would recommend Loverboy to seem friend and also see them again myself. Night Ranger should of been the closing act and this would of made this concert the one I was expecting to see. Doug plays amazing sound affects on the keyboard, he's a composer he can play sound affects like a milkshake machine in their song "lead a double life"! Looking forward to Loverboys return.

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Coming back soon! They are around the building and are plenty close enough to get great views of the stage. Their musical talent is still rock solid -- guitar, keyboards, drums, bass They played every major hit and then some.

We sat on chairs on the floor which is a level floor and won't do that again. Guitars, drums, keyboards, all sounded fantastic and not a member missed a beat. Their interaction with the crowd was fun and kept things lively. Not a fan of the venue, but the show was fantastic. I would see them again.