Coronavirus: Watch how germs spread What did Zambia's health minister say?

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But the classic border town emerges when conditions differ markedly on each side of the line.

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And the city's other attractions are also bringing in the tourists. Prostitutes no longer openly solicit on the streets. That remark caused a small furor in Thailand for a of reasons.

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Coronavirus: Watch how germs spread What did Zambia's health minister say? Not even electricity. And the effort has reaped.

Malaysian men have been flocking to Thailand's border towns for decades. In Songhkla province, 2, people contracted HIV during the past five years, according to the Ministry of Public Health, ranking it 11th out of Thailand's 76 provinces. If there is a job to murder someone, they'll do it because the money is good.

And the hiv remark was considered a low blow. Now look. It's good for Hat Yai.

Girlz Strict checks, including tests by Ugandan authorities, have caused long tailbacks at its border with Kenya. They are being very useful in contact tracing," Mr Chilufya said.

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It has simply slid further south toward the border. The of new cases dropped, however, from in to in Lorry drivers are seen as a high-risk group because they stop at several towns along the way and are known to have multiple sex partners, he added. But in a perverse law of economics, the sleaze Hat Yai is shedding hasn't disappeared. Andrew Napathalung, 27, manages the Pink Lady Entertainment Complex, which his father has owned for nearly three decades. The girls are all Thai, the customers mostly Malaysian Chinese.

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It's the biggest and most established t in town, employing women in its combination fucj, massage parlor, feel-up bar and hotel. Ritthikan's organization, along with other local businesspeople and activists, has pushed the government to clean up the city. But in that realm too, Hat Yai has moved decidedly upmarket. Napathalung says, "We get more families coming now, and families spend more money.

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We called that and we were told the person we called had Covid," the minister added. A decade ago, the city was a regional transshipment and negotiating center for heroin coming out of the Golden Triangle.

But just north of the border, the glitzy city of Hat Yai has long had a reputation for sin. On the Malaysian side, the government is rigid and Islam is the dominant Gigls. Some have aids.

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In Thailand, the Land of Smiles, you can get almost anything if you're willing to pay. The biggest grumble you hear in Hat Yai these days concerns drugs. Wives and children are welcome in the city's cavernous nightclubs, where a succession of young, tuneless women sing and dance in outlandishly sexy costumes. Health authorities in East Africa have expressed concern that lorry drivers, listed as essential workers, could be spreading coronavirus.

The bordellos of southern Thailand lack the notoriety of their counterparts in places like Bangkok and Pattaya, and few people outside the region have ever heard of Thai Changloon.

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Maybe a hundred places. In Thailand's slice of Changloon, prostitutes call out to customers just outside the walls of the local Buddhist temple.

Few places fit that bill better than Changloon, half of which lies in Malaysia and half in Thailand.