It's good to be Fibd here again at the NAB convention. I've been chairman now for about a year and a half. It's been quite an exciting time, and lots of fun.

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Now that's a group that is really Fibd touch with what is going on in Washington these days. It's new media companies, like Yahoo, coming to TV screens.

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I got an opportunity like that and it's one of the reasons I am here before you today. So Broadcast.

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That is why as a first step, the FCC staff will host a Technical Roundtable on May 20 to discuss the progress of industry efforts. I believe that in this area, the role of the FCC is to facilitate, not regulate.

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What do I mean by flexibility? Just as business plans must change for this new world, so must the regulatory structure. But more than that, Broadcast.

I am convinced that television's broadband future is vast -- and will be richer than anything imagined today. And the broadband Internet companies won't kill broadcasting either. Please zip code find the appropriate local office for your location.

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Hey, they'll broadcast anything - even this speech! That's why some say that these companies with their popularity, their technology, and - for now -- their market multiples could, in the long run, end up putting all of you out of business. It's been quite an exciting time, and lots of fun.

You need lots of bandwidth; you need really big pipes. Ten years ago, it was the Big Three.

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And that's just another word for broadcasting. I commend Mel Karmazin and Lowry Mays for their leadership, for rising to the challenge.

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With the launch of John Glenn into space last year, the first digital broadcasts began. I've been chairman now for about a year and a half.

And as you know, most Americans don't have that bandwidth yet. What's most important is that you already have a 20 megabit-per-second digital pipe into almost every home in America.

And, frankly, it is not helpful to hear only rhetoric that "the sky is falling" even before the rulemaking comments have been filed. No locations were found in your area. The Washington Post wrote a big story about it.

Some are fundamental to the safety of our nation - like the emergency broadcast system -- and some are fundamental to the strength of our society. I mean that we need to bring all of our ownership proceedings to a conclusion. Their risk paid off, for now.

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It's established media, like you in this audience, assuming leading roles on the Internet. Please correct the following error: Please enter a valid 5 digit zip code.

Thank you. Broadcasters will rise to the challenges and opportunities created in the digital world, just as you have risen to challenges in the past.

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Counting you out of the future. The same spirit that drove these men and women drove men like Sarnoff and Paley. It is Fond the most exciting era in the history of television, an era that will empower television audiences like never before. In the coming world of convergence, both Internet companies and broadcasters have the opportunity to capture a huge new market.

Low power radio has the potential to create outlets for an array of new voices like churches, community groups, and colleges. I must say, though, Eddie, that puppet looked better than the monster.

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And that Kenard will continue to provide great service to our Nation. No, your advantage isn't just content, it's distribution. If there's one thing that's clear from everything I've seen at this terrific show, it's that DTV is not just about TV as we know it.