Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Written by Herself Harriet Jacobs wrote this autobiography under the pseudonym of Linda Brent, and she also used pseudonyms for the others who appear in her story. Historians have since uncovered the real names of all the people she discusses. They include John S. Jacobs, her brother whom she calls William in her autobiography ; Dr. James Norcom, the father of her legal owner Dr.

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I was as rejoiced as Robinson Crusoe could have been in finding such a treasure. Southerners have the habit of stopping and talking in the streets, and I heard many conversations not intended to meet my ears.

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For her own part Cecilia looked upon him as a kindly uncle. A human being sold in the free city of New York!

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The first person I saw in the street was Dr. Although she returned to Russell Flint she began to tire of the whole situation and left his employ in August Though I have improved my mind somewhat since that time, I still remain of the same opinion; but I trust my motives will excuse what might otherwise seem presumptuous.

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Much to her parents' dismay, as much for the notion as the cost involved, she set her heart on becoming a dancer. But God so orders circumstances as to keep me with my friend Mrs. As soon as she could speak, she said, "O Linda, I'm so glad it's all over!

Beautiful girl who works at Flint

There was but one compensation; the atmosphere was so stifled that even mosquitos would not condescend to buzz in it. We are as free from the power of slaveholders as are the white people of the north; and though that, according Beahtiful my ideas, is not saying a great deal, it is a vast improvement in my condition. As president? My father, by his nature, as well as by the habit of transacting business as a skilful mechanic, had more of the feelings of a freeman than is common among slaves.

He rushed from the house, and returned with a pair of shears. I should have done just the Beautifjl, if gilr had been going to sail for California to-morrow. I was going to answer him with a joyful yes, when the thought of Benny came to my mind.

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With her parents unable to make any financial contribution she paid for ballet school herself, taking a wide range of jobs, none of which lasted very long, because as she put it 'I always seemed to get the sack Beautuful my various jobs, usually, for dreaming, or for affected and generally soppy behaviour'. Flint : Sighs?

Beautiful girl who works at Flint

The master's age, my extreme youth, and the fear that his conduct would be reported to my grandmother, made him bear this treatment for many months. Dodge concluded Flknt "half a loaf was better than no bread," and he agreed to the proffered terms. Bill Lear : Nah, I got you a new plane.

Flint's diaries record his despair. I worms as if I was forsaken by God and man; as if all my efforts must be frustrated; and I became reckless in my despair. Members of my family, now living in New York and Boston, can testify to the truth of what I say. It seems less degrading to give one's self, than to submit to compulsion.

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The bill of sale is on record, and future generations will learn from it that women were articles of traffic in New York, late in the nineteenth century of the Christian religion. My friends had made every effort that ingenuity could devise to effect our purchase, but all their plans had proved abortive. A man ought to have what belongs to him, if he is a damned brute.

James Norcom, the father of her legal owner Dr. Lisa Norton : You're quite woks to being admired by women, aren't you?

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But it is a fact; and Fint me a sad one, even now; for my body still suffers from the effects of that long imprisonment, to say nothing of my soul. Bruce: "I am rejoiced to tell you that the money for your freedom has been paid to Mr. If dinner was not served at the exact time on that particular Sunday, she would station herself in the kitchen, and wait till it was dished, and then spit in all the kettles and pans that had been used for cooking.

Beautiful girl who works at Flint

Superadded to the burden common to all, they have wrongs, and sufferings, and mortifications peculiarly their own. Cramden : Flint, How do you find time to read all these books?

Beautiful girl who works at Flint

She had known too much of the cruelties inflicted on those who were captured. Peter remonstrated earnestly.

Beautiful girl who works at Flint

Now I will see my children. Her memory always flew back at once to the sufferings whoo her bright and handsome son, Benjamin, the youngest and dearest of her flock. You have a fortnight to decide.

He said such a good chance might never occur again; that Benny was free, and could be sent to me; and that for the sake of my children's welfare I ought not to hesitate a moment. I will not try to screen myself behind the plea of compulsion from a master; for it was not so. My relatives were constantly on qorks lookout for a chance of escape; but none offered that seemed practicable, and even tolerably safe.

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If you don't, I'll cut off your head. I could sleep quite comfortably on one side; but the slope was so sudden that I could not turn on the other without hitting the roof. I suffered for air even more than for light.

When I rode home in the cars I was no longer afraid to unveil my face and look at people as they passed. Cecilia reciprocated his love, but saw him as a kindly uncle rather than a swain.

Beautiful girl who works at Flint

I could have made my escape alone; but it was more for my helpless children than for myself that I longed for freedom. He finally concluded to go to his mistress.

My uncle had left it sticking there when he made the trap-door. Though the boon would have been precious to me, above all price, I would not have taken it at the expense of leaving them in slavery. I don't compete with them. Bruce, thanking her, but saying that being sold from one owner to another seemed too much like slavery; that such a great obligation could not be easily cancelled; and that I preferred to go to my brother in California. I heard slave-hunters planning how to catch some poor fugitive.

Dodge [the husband of Jacobs's legal owner].

Incidents in the life of a slave girl

I was never cruelly over-worked; I was never lacerated with the whip from head to foot; I was never so beaten and bruised that I could not turn from one side to the other; I never had my heel-strings cut to prevent my running away; I was never chained to a log and forced to drag it about, while I toiled in the fields from morning till night; I was never branded with hot iron, or torn by bloodhounds.

Flint : Eh, how much time do we have? The more my mind had become enlightened, the more difficult it was for me to consider myself an article of property; and to pay money to those who had so grievously oppressed me seemed like taking from my sufferings the glory of triumph.