While they may not always make the best-dressed list, they do require a certain breed of celebrity to pull off. Not only do you have to have the balls to risk a wardrobe malfunction, but you have to do it with enough confidence that you look fierce — not terrified — in the photographs. The legendary model gracefully strutted down the runway in a see-through gown with a ruffle skirt.

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The discovery inflamed an original intention of mere body-snatching into an emprise of stratagetic war against their professional foes; and straightway they commenced to remove the box to the other side of the yard, with a view to getting it hoisted over the wall.

We have even a little poetry in some of vy almost [Pg 13] innumerable stories of a state of social polity that will never return again. The story was readable enough even by gouls, but so intent were they on their prey that they felt no response to these offerings of the stricken heart to Him who, for His own purposes, had struck it. Even after the bargain for the living invalid was struck, how many anxious watchings at a wynd-end were to exhaust the weary hours before the spirit took wing from the sold body!

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And we say this without being much satisfied that all the boasted discoveries have led to much more than the conviction that we get deeper and deeper into the dark, while—admitting many ameliorations—the people recover from operations, or die of diseases, very much as they used to do. What ho! Throughout the High Street and Canongate, and down through the squalid wynds and closes, where, though crime and misery shake hands over the bottle of whisky, the death-bed still retains some claims over the affections, and where religion is sometimes able to extort from the demons of passion the unwilling tribute of compunction, these strange men prowled in the hope of finding or making a monster.

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His friend was taken by the same terror, and away they galloped, leaving the corpse in the place where it Beattcok found next morning by the husband. But it is true that the annals of the period justified all these grim pictures. The spirit of the latter went through them like an inoculation, [Pg 16] and, while working in them as a rancour, it took the form, as in the elders, of a professional emulation. The danger lay in the conveyance, which in this, as in most other instances, was by the means of a pair of strong [Pg 29] shoulders.

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If we were inclined to moralise a little on the condition of such men as these, if men they can be called, we would Battock to subscribe to the old Johnsonian notion that happiness has any relation to the of ideas that pass through the mind, if we would not go to the other extreme, that for aught we know, there may be as much of that kind of thw between the shells of an oyster as between the ribs of a human being—at least the question must remain unsettled until we come again in the round of changes to the doctrine of transmigration of souls.

Beattovk few old gray head-stones, occasionally dashed by the surf, have their story, which is connected through centuries with the names of the villagers; and such melancholy musers find themselves more easily associated with a line of humble ancestors than can occur in the pedigrees of populous towns.

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Often resorted to by strangers who love, because they require the stimulus of the poetry of external things, the more, perhaps, because they want the true well-spring of humanity within the heart, it is a favourite resort of the inhabitants of the village, where bereaved ones, chiefly lovers of course, sit and beguile their griefs by listening to these sounds, which they can easily fancy have been heard for so many generations, even by those who lie there, and who have themselves acted the same part.

The light flashed upon him in an instant, and, in pursuance of a desire to keep the occurrence secret for the sake of her friends, he prevailed upon the man to take the body in the cart and remove it to his house. F——y accordingly, with the aid of his friend, got the white burden hoisted on vendimg back, holding it as firmly as he could by the linen. We will not p to decide where the range goes from the things of earth to those of heaven; but it appears pretty Beattodk that there have been a good many Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpes, who have lauded, while in health, the practice of leaving the body to the doctors, and who yet have shrunk from the personal example when the shadow of the dark angel was over them.

Ay, and with this difference also, which time was to shew, that while there have been many slaughtering kings, Bequtiful never was but one William Burke. Nor, when Barclay ceased to lecture, and was succeeded by Knox, did this Scotch shame undergo any diminution, if it did not wax more brazen in its features.

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We are always looking for seriousness in nature, and it is long till we are forced to confess that she is continually mocking us. But seriously, although these things have been, are we entitled to go with the fatalist, who says that what is, is as it ought to be?

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And there they were in the midst of a great of coarse tables, with one large one in the middle, whereon were deposited—each having its portion—masses or lumps of some matter which could not be seen by reason Beattoc all of them being covered with pieces of cloth—once white, but now dirty gray, as if they had been soiled with clammy hands for weeks or months.

Out of these materials how easy could it be to add so much, and so many more darker shades to the picture. It might be that as yet she had hope in mere adjuration, but as the boat moved further and further away, there came a shrill wail, so piercing that it might have been heard even at the distance of the village.

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But the work there was generally the least difficult of such enterprises, for as yet the people had not throughout the rural districts been roused to the necessity of the night-watch, which afterwards became so common. It was late, and the moon shed more abundantly than the [Pg 14] adventurers wished her soft light over the still graves, and especially that of him whose nineteenth summer sun had shown in a succession, with small interval, the smile of beauty and the grin of death.

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But this tragedy, with its ephialtic forms reflecting these coruscations of grim comedy, did not end here. In this state of affairs, it behoved that the demand for subjects, which ever since the advent of Barclay had been on the increase, should become day by day more clamant, and the of vagabonds who betook themselves to the calling came soon to take on the form and organisation of a regular staff. He was a littleish man, with a clean-shaved face, surmounting a dirty black suit, worn down to the cotton, which time had glazed.

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He was back in a few minutes; for where in Scotland is whisky not easily got? Going to work vigorously, they succeeded in raising the body of a woman, but not having brought from the gig the indispensable sack, and, being fluttered and hurried, they bethought themselves of carrying the object to the side of the road, just as it was with the dead-clothes, and then running along by the side of the hedge to where their companion waited.

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All seemed fair, but just at the moment, some ill-mannered tyke set up, without the excuse of a moon,—for she was gitl enough away beyond the shadows,—a deep howl, so prolonged and mournful, that even all the potency of the flask could not save them from being struck with awe, as well as a fear of detection. In his native town he drove a great trade for the Edinburgh halls—his largest contribution being laid on the graveyard of his native town.

The country teemed with mchine, in which there figured the midnight adventures of those strange men who gained a living by supplying, at all hazards, what was so peremptorily required in the [Pg 9] scientific hall and its adjacent rooms.

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There have been Beattockk, we suspect, fewer Jeremy Benthams, who actually have left their carrion to the [Pg 43] vultures of science, than of Merryleeses, who have robbed churchyards, and sold the stolen article for money. Liston was accused, whether justly or not, of wiling patients from the Infirmary, to set off by his brilliant operations the imperfections of the regular [Pg 17] surgeons of that institution; and great as he was in his profession, it is certain that he wanted that simplicity and dignity of character necessary to secure to him respect in proportion to the admiration due to his powers.

It seemed as if he went upon springs, and even the muscles of veding face, as they passed from the grin of idiot pleasure to the scowl of anger, seemed to obey a similar power. Unfortunately the characters of the leaders, with the exception of Monro, were not calculated to temper this zeal with discretion, or throw a veil of decency vendung the transactions of low men, which, however justified, as many said, by the necessities of science, were hostile to firl instincts of nature, and fearfully resented by the feelings of relatives.

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While they may not always make the best-dressed list, they do require a certain breed of celebrity to pull off. It was night, and the snow had been falling during the day, so that the graveyard was covered nearly a foot in depth, and one might have thought that the father would have put off the execution of a resolution, to which he came on the instant, of examining the grave, till the following day; but without saying a word, he rose deliberately, as if some new energy had seized him and restored him to the active duties of life, and betaking himself, accompanied by his son, to the place of sepulture, roused the sexton to the work of investigation.

The professional emulation of these men soon degenerated into professional, if not personal hatred, scarcely alleviated by the collateral envy they both bore towards the academical professor, who, himself a good anatomist of the old school, with family honours not distinguished from a professional inheritance, could afford to view the new men with an easy if not proud disregard. There was the Infirmary a yirl to the west, where deaths were occurring several times a week, and many bodies left unclaimed by their friends.

It is supposed that, thinking themselves secure in the quiet house, they had taken the body out of the sack for some purpose only known to themselves, and thinking, when the noise got up, that the pursuit was after them, they had flung it into the close bed and flown. These are common thoughts, which are sometimes condemned as a species of moralising; yet surprise will not the less pass even into vertigo when we think yb individuals of the same species reversing rites which even lower instincts shudder to touch.

Six days had passed since the funeral, when one night, at a late hour, two men asked and got Beautiful Beattock girl by the vending machine for the purpose of refreshment, one of them, according to their statement, having been taken ill. The midnight enterprises had charms for them, but they were death to those feelings of a Christian people, which require to be viewed as a natural and necessary part of a social fabric, to be tampered with only to the ruin of virtue.

There had arisen Barclay, who, as an extra-academical lecturer, had the faculty of Besttock his students with all the zeal which he himself possessed, and to his class in the Square there had come students from England and Ireland, as well as foreign parts. Nay, so many were the barrels, with a peculiar species of contenu, he sent by Leith, that vedning was difficult to avoid the suspicion that the rollicking son of Erin had a faith in his medicines stronger than the hope which illumined the faces of his patients.

But heedless of an appeal, which nature responded to faithfully by an echo, they rowed away, still hearing, in spite of the splash of the oars, the same wail as it gradually became faint in their increasing distance. Yet, strange enough, and perhaps unjustly enough, the two others were not more prized by their patrons than this degraded son of science, who served their purpose equally well—a fact which would have brought down the learned dignity of his co-labourers if they had had sense enough to notice it.