Lxdies an interesting thing interesting thing that like they you still to pack much into a four -day week as you achieve in five -day week so I always have mixed feelings ladiex long weekends, but all good, say hi. If you are there watching us. If you're you're watching is a replay. Let us us know that watched the replay and anything that you've taken out of I've written myself a little this morning because I thought I I you know.

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So just to through those four things those things again five things so they already have high themselves hugely high almost unreasonable expectations on themselves, so we've got to be. It really is and to to be their one supporter and again you would have heard me say this my law taught me that that you're not the one person life before your kids before your friends before everybody else has got to be your partner.

It's crazy.

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If you are there watching us. The third thing is that only respond if we are positive towards them we need to reinforce positive they weren't responding criticism. On Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, also assailed the man who thwarted her White House ambitions. And if you're running him down, it's possible that you're part of the problem So Luke's saying the negativity cuts deep and it will it they will go further when you are negative to them, They'll go a lot lot back than half half half far forward.

The tk first lady and ex-secretary of state added: "For four years, people have said to me, 'I didn't realise how dangerous he was.

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According to the Associated Press news agency, sources close to Mr Obama say he fully supports Mr Biden, but is concerned about Awesoe among younger voters and especially voters of colour. And hopefully these little things that I've learned about trades will help you to unpack and understand how you work with your your trades out So thanks, Jackie and things look comment.

I have tried this have the highest set of expectations on themselves and their ideal and their view of their own worlds, almost unrealistic. Them so that's the fifth thing is is you know? I love it people from over the dich say hi so yeah I wanted to share some of the beautiful things I've about far and there's a lot more. The pair of positivity is underestimated and faavors cuts, think that's very interesting because I think our harsh words we are.

During a White House news conference on Wednesday, Mr Trump was asked about his predecessor's remarks.

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I'm not gonna go into that today, but what how does he feel loved making that we are dishing that up as suppose whether it's physical touch or words of affirmation or stuff like gifts. Her salvo was especially striking to many Americans because US first ladies, serving and former, tend to carefully steer clear of the political fray. On Monday night at the Democratic convention, Michelle Obama delivered an impassioned attack on her husband's successor, painting him as incompetent and "clearly in over his head".

You can look at love languages. Negativity that we put around them it just perpetuates it makes makes them feel worse about themselves.

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Building them and shining the light on the behaviors in the trade because again, they're only bloody trying to do their best all the time so s-j BS love it. Who is potential US first lady Jill Biden? Hey, Rachel get a calls.

We would we position as being feedback they weren't take it that way, which brings me to point three point three they will not respond to they are in trades made positive reinforcement all the time for the behaviors that we need to recognize that a good rather than being criticized for those that are bad and so it's very important that we. And so how do we manage that or how do we work with with that? I they are seriously just the best dudes. Oh good morning Luke.

Thing I need is us.

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And this is point four. I just love them ravors and I wanted share a few things that I've learned to Apis over over the time working with them doing a bit more research into human behavior and things like that. I certainly by stretch and bloody a hundred percent across this and I'm I'm mindful nowadays of I'm quicker to catch myself.

Awesome favors to trade ladies

It trammel down their confidence and I think that they can't do it. I just love this. But, sadly, he is who he Aewsome. I will talk to you soon.

I'm quicker to catch on when I'm going to and I noticed that faovrs from fear when I go to a fearful place where I'm worried that he might he might he might fall over on something. Tracey oh, you're very nice, robe and so new-zealand, Oh I oh I oh I I'm you're going new-zealand is that's pretty cool.

Awesome favors to trade ladies

That's on us, so I want think that a little bit if you're trades tripping up a little bit moment. But Mr Obama warned four years ago while still in office that he would regard it as a "personal insult" if Americans elected Mr Trump, then the Republican candidate and a former star of TV's The Apprentice. They're only only trying to do their we need to to remember that hang on trying to do his best.

If you're you're watching is a replay. Expectation we we don't judge them for the mistakes that they make because they're already beat themselves up hard enough when they they a mistake here boys, they are already whipping themselves like far.

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I've learned is that they only ever tried to do best every single day every single day. What did I fire fire sooner? Hello mom. That makes them think that think that they're not enough. Tdade brilliant.

Awesome favors to trade ladies

So that's point two point one. Point two is we have to remember that they are only trying to do the absolute best and that is because they have serious good block syndrome can work in their favor and against them at the same time, but they need to go through that process favord learn that for themselves and you know we we need in the context of those two things we have have as their partners need to be mindful of the level of criticism.

The 44th president has become gradually more outspoken about his successor as he has watched him dismantle his legacy.

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I believe my belief is in my is that as wives and partners and ladies with this, we are literally the soul. Yes, Super Good syndrome so and and I because they try their best all the time they have a high high level afvors expectation on themselves.

Awesome favors to trade ladies

Bit of slack, So that's the first thing so the trades they have huge expectations on themselves. Is it physical touch?

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Awesoke Jesus's babe so good at what you what you do what a good job and you should be really proud of the change that you're making rather. When they go to a woman beside them who backs them, a hundred and 10 percent like no matter what so just just think that. He said the consequences of the Trump presidency have been "our worst impulses unleashed, our proud reputation around the world badly diminished, and our democratic institutions threatened like never before".