Peering out of her bedroom window, she notices a gjssy flickering in the barn. Narrator 2: Worried, Fern creeps out to the barn. She sees her father bent over something. Suddenly, her face brightens.

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Anyone know a girl named gussy, teagan or harper? or if it is, is that a bad thing?

Wilbur: Great name. Templeton: Ironic, isn't it? I can't have you keeping what will soon be a pound pet around the house.

Anyone know a girl named gussy

Then he hears a little voice. Charlotte: My name is Charlotte. Narrator 1: Wilbur's smile fades.

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Templeton: For so many reasons, no. That night, Wilbur lies in the cold, dark barn. Wilbur: Wow!

Let him enjoy himself while he can. Wilbur: You wanna play, Templeton? Wilbur: Converse?

Anyone know a girl named gussy

Narrator 3: One evening, Fern notices Avery closing in on Charlotte. He simply nods, knowing this is the last time he will ever see Charlotte. A board snaps and he takes off.

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Wilbur: I don't want to die! Fern: Then I will!

Wilbur is happy in the company of his new friend, and enjoys daily visits from Fern. You said it yourself.

Breathing only through her mouth, Bitsy scolds him. Anyone can see that! It couldn't help being born small!

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namedd Narrator 3: Wilbur arrives just in time to see one stand on its head and spin a silk balloon that carries it into the air. Wilbur: I can't sleep unless someone tells me good-night. Arable: There are 11 pigs and only ten teats. Baby Spider 2: And we like you, too.

Pig's in. Bitsy: He's in all right. She sees her father bent over something.

Anyone know a girl named gussy

Charlotte: This is my magnum opus — my great work. Wilbur: Okay! Templeton: Of course I do.

Narrator 1: She snatches the pig. He looks at Charlotte. Charlotte: I have to do what must be done at the fair. Narrator 2: Wilbur squeals and begins to ram the fence. Dejected, Wilbur plops down next to his trough. Zuckerman: This is an outrage!

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I'm trying to concentrate. He's got no idea what's going to happen to him. Gussy: Nor should-should-should he.

Anyone know a girl named gussy

Charlotte: Shhhhh. I'm going to save your life, Wilbur.

Anyone know a girl named gussy

Charlotte: Goodnight. Work that I must do alone.

Anyone know a girl named gussy

Narrator 2: Mr. Estabrookcomposer and singer, whose opera was the first by an American woman to be published Gussie DavisAfrican-American songwriter Gussy Holl —German actress and singer Gussy or Gussie MoranAmerican tennis player she preferred Gussy Gussie Nell Davis —American teacher founded the Kilgore College Rangerettes Gussie Ryan bornIrish retired hurler. Baby Spider 3: Me too! Wilbur: Yyyyyyeah!

Anyone know a girl named gussy

Go to sleep. Narrator 1: An older female voice rises from the darkness.